Journey towards most responsible partner

Our vision is to be the most responsible partner. This journey is guided by our sustainability programme. 

It defines three focus areas and their metrics: well-being experts, well-being communities and well-being clients. These themes have been defined on the basis of a materiality analysis – they must be in good shape so that we can do our work well and live up to high expectations. In addition, we are reducing the carbon footprint of our own operations, even though its significance is small compared to the impacts of our projects.


You can read more about our sustainability programme and achievements in our sustainability report

Well-being experts

The well-being of our experts is the foundation of our meaningful and responsible work. Only in this way can they do their job well.

We want our employees to be well and motivated and proud of our services for the benefit of the environment, communities and people. We support this, for example, by supporting coping at work, flexibility in different life situations and providing various trainings both for the development of skills and for obtaining tools for coping at work. The annual staff survey serves as one good metric, and we have also received recognition in the Responsible Summer Job (Vastuullinen kesäduuni) competition.

Sustainability reporting

Read more about our sustainability programme and achievements.

Well-being communities

The work we do affects the movement, housing and other daily matters of many. We want to continue to be a major influence and partner in communities that build a common, sustainable future. One example of this is the co-operation with the European Environment Capital Lahti. In order to share our expertise and ensure the continuation of sustainable design, we also do a lot of collaboration with educational institutions and our NextGen program has been praised.

Partner with European Green Capital Lahti

We are a proud partner of Lahti and together we build a sustainable and smart future. Lahti is Finland's leading environmental city and a leader in climate work.
Liikkumispalvelukokeilujen tavoitteena on herätellä kokeilijat huomaamaan yksityisautolle vaihtoehtoisten kulkumuotojen mahdollisuudet.

Well-being clients

The well-being of our clients is a prerequisite for the company's continuous operations. We support our clients in achieving their sustainability goals and challenge and encourage them to make new types of solutions. Our biggest environmental and social impacts happen through our projects and what we create, so that is the most meaningful way. Here you can learn more about the work we have done.

In 2019, 19percent of the buildings designed by Sitowinen were of energy class A.