The wellbeing of our experts is the foundation for our meaningful and sustainable work. We want our employees to be healthy, motivated and proud of the positive impact of our services on communities, the environment and people. We facilitate this by means such as supporting coping at work, flexibility in different life situations and offering a variety of training for both competence development and gaining tools for coping at work. Our annual personnel survey serves as one metric and we have also been recognised in the A Responsible Summer Job (Vastuullinen kesäduuni) competition.

High employee satisfaction

Our employee satisfaction rating is high, and our experts feel that things that matter to them are realised in their work. Personnel job satisfaction in 2019 was 76 (scale 0–100). Sitowise employees’ willingness to promote their employer was at a good level in 2019, with an eNPS score of 21 (scale -100 – +100).


Get to know our values

Our operations are guided by five values ​​defined together, which are: trust, customer knowledge, courage, playing as a team and openness. Learn more about their significance.

Gender and age structure of personnel

The Group also monitors the gender and age structure of its personnel. Thirty-four per cent of Sitowise’s employees are women and sixty-six per cent are men. Their average age is 39. 

Responsible Employer & A Responsible Summer Job campaigns

We are involved in both the Responsible Employer and A Responsible Summer Job campaigns. In 2020, we ranked in the Top 10 in the A Responsible Summer Job competition. Each year, this campaign rewards the most responsible summer jobs – the winning employers were picked by more than 6,400 summer employees, who responded anonymously to the A Responsible Summer Job 2020 survey. 



Take a closer look at our sustainability report

Sustainability reporting explains how we take care of the well-being of our experts and key personnel figures. Take a closer look at the report.
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Miikka Valtonen
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Miikka Valtonen
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