Pekka Eloholma

Pekka Eloholma, CEO

Pekka Eloholma has been managing Sitowise since August 2019. He has been part of the company's growth years, first serving on Sitowise's Board of Directors for two years, first as a member and then, before the CEO role, as Chairman of the Board. He has previously managed Nordic listed companies such as Affecto and the IT services company Nebula. Eloholma has a master's degree in engineering.

Heidi Karlsson, CFO

Heidi Karlsson has been Sitowinen's CFO since the beginning of 2018. She joined Sitowise from the position of CFO of Dovre Group. Prior to that, she has worked for 17 years (1993-2010) at Nokia Network and NSN in a variety of financial management roles in Germany, Switzerland, China, Latin America and Finland. Karlsson holds an M.Sc. Economics.
Heidi Karlsson, talousjohtaja
Jannis Mikkola liiketoimintajohtaja

Jannis Mikkola, Business Director, Infrastructure Solutions

Jannis Mikkola has led Sitowise's infrastructure business since 2017 and is the Group's Executive Vice President. He has a 15-year career in a variety of management roles in Sitowise and has worked in infrastructure sector for more than 20 years, specializing in multidisciplinary urban projects and underground construction. Mikkola has a master's degree in engineering.

Timo Palonkoski, Business Director, Building Solutions

Timo Palonkoski has been managing the building business sector since 2018 and also serves as Sitowise's Executive Vice President. His strated working at Sitowise 2006. He has been a vice President of Renovation Construction at Wise Group Finland Oy and the Deputy President of Nexon Consulting Oy. Palonkoski holds Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng).
Timo Palonkoski liiketoimintajohtaja Talo
Teemu Virtanen liiketoimintajohtaja

Teemu Virtanen, Business Director, Digital Solutions

Teemu Virtanen works as the director of Sitowise digital solutions. He took up his position in 2018, after selling Dimenteq Oy, a company he had founded, to Sitowise. Dimenteq was an IT service company specialised in developing GIS solutions. Before founding Dimenteq, Virtanen worked for e.g. Digia Plc, and WM-data Oy. Virtanen holds a M.Sc.

Anne-May Asplund, CHRO

Anne-May Asplund has been Sitowise's HR Director since early 2018. She has nearly 20 years of experience in demanding human resources and communications positions in various organizations, including listed companies Aktia and Coor. She has extensive experience working in changing operating environments in the industrial, financial, real estate services and consulting industries. Asplund holds a M.Sc.
Anne-May Asplund HR-johtaja
Turo Tinkanen IT-johtaja

Turo Tinkanen, CIO

Turo Tinkanen has been Sitowinen's Chief Information Officer for three years. Prior to Sitowise, he ran his own IT consulting firm for 16 years. Through this he has become particularly familiar with the IT environments, challenges and development opportunities in the consulting and design industry, and has extensive experience in systems specific to the construction industry. Tinkanen has a degree in telecommunications engineering.

Minttu Vilander, CCO and CRO

Minttu Vilander has been Sitowise's Chief Communications and Corporate Responsibility Officer at Sitowise Group since February 2020. Prior to that, she has worked as the communications director of the listed company NRC Group, which specializes in track construction and maintenance and as the communications manager of the design firm Granlund. Vilander holds Master of Arts (M.A.)
Minttu Vilander viestintä ja vastuullisuusjohtaja
Eero Heliövaara hallituksen puheenjohtaja

Board of Directors

Sitowise's Chairman of the Board is Eero Heliövaara. The other board members are Taina Kyllönen, Janne Näränen, Elina Piispanen, Petri Rignell and Tomi Terho.